Virtual Murder Mysteries

Available Scripts:

The Reading of The Will (1920s) – a traditional murder mystery based on the will of a deceased aristocrat. This is our most popular show as it is what most people expect from a Murder Mystery. It is set in the best era for dressing up, and the plot has evolved over the 20 years that we have run it into a real mystery.

Little House of Horrors – the UK launch of a Hollywood film, a surprise horror genre hit funded by some interesting parties. The producer has problems, his wife is not going to take news of divorce well, and his girlfriend has news that will really add to his problems. Add a writer who thinks his script has been stolen and you get a party that no-one will forget.

James Bond 007 – a meeting of spies in a safe house, which includes a Russian agent visiting the UK on a friendly exchange. News of a murder in the MI6 building sends agents running for deep cover, and threatens an international incident. COUNTESS, the counter terrorism special system is the one place where Inspector Catchem might get answers, but it has just frozen. Can you step in and help?

Who Killed Father Christmas – all is not well at the traditional toy retailers Camberwick Toys. Success depends on their annual Christmas grotto. Unfortunately their highly successful Father Christmas had been murdered. The dysfunctional couple who run the business are suspects, as is the sales director with a penchant for a different sort of snow and the warehouse manager who has an undeclared police record as long sas your arm. (Available from 23rd November).

Coming soon: Cluedo. Our Tribute to the classic board game has always been one of our most popular live events. Dr Black has been found dead in his study. His niece Rayne Bowe has a suitor, Captain Brown, who was at the house on the day of his death. So was Reverend Green, and Mrs White his faithful cook and house keeper. All have secrets, all have a motive.


One actor show – one hour
The Reading of The Will is available as a one actor show at £40 plus VAT (£48). Recommended for no more than 10 screens.

Three actor shows – one hour
All shows are available in a three actor one hour format at a cost of £150 plus VAT (£180). Recommended for no more than 30 screens.

Three actor shows – two hour
All shows available and this format includes breakout rooms so larger groups can be accommodated. Recommended for no more than 50 screens. The cost is £300 plus VAT (£360).

Five actor shows – two hours
All shows available, including breakout rooms. Recommended for no more than 50 screens. Also recommended for smaller groups who want a top level experience as all suspects are present. The price is £500 plus VAT (£600).

For 50 – 100 people – add a co-host who will manage the technical side at £100 plus VAT (£120).
More than 100 people – we can run several shows contemporaneously. This solution can also work for groups of more than 50 who only have one hour.

Questions? Have a look at our FAQs or email us via the contact page.

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