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If you just want a fun event then take a look at our list of team building activities. However, if you want something more effective then we really understand how events build teams and what can be added to create a highly effective team development programme.

What is Team Building?

Team building is an umbrella phrase which describes events that have the effect of improving relationships within work teams.

Once these were typically held offsite, away from the office, at a hotel or similar venue. In recent years a trend has emerged for team building events to be held in the office or to start from there. This is efficient and requires less time spent away from work. It can also be very cost effective.

Where teams might have once had one or two away days each year they will now hold often smaller events every month from the office. This has the effect of increasing engagement and adding to the many things that make companies great workplaces.

We help our clients in both areas. Whether you want a large scale corporate away day in a hotel with activities on site or you want a programme of fun events in or close to your office, we can help.

There is a more formal development aspect of team building too. This may involve personality profiling, goal setting or other team development techniques. We have the experience and qualifications to advise you in this area and help you to select any programmes or strategies which will benefit your team.

We believe that it is essential to get this right, and that any programmes are appropriate and relevant to the participants.

The new generation of employees is fairly sophisticated when it comes to what happens at work. You can no longer demand certain results, instead you have to create the conditions in which things happen when the right people are gathered in a team. Thus team building must now be a natural effect of an event and not a prescribed objective. Understanding this will ensure that an activity is effective and valued by everyone.

Our guiding principle is that everything must be enjoyable and an experience that people participate in out of choice.

Whereas team building was once a key objective for managers, according to annual surveys, it is now more typically a part of the wider objective of increasing engagement at work.

Whether your objective is simply fun or you have specific business goals we will help you to find the best event.

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