Facilitated Team Building

In the UK social team bonding activities are generally put under the banner of team building. Social team bonding is essentially having fun together and bonding through the shared experience. It does not need to be laboured or forced and, in fact, people often resist this or find that it takes away from the experience.

Sometimes it is appropriate to want more out of team building events. Often people say that if a team building event happens during office hours then participants accept and even except a link to business.

Business Objectives

The key is making the link to business objectives, for example the theme of the conference, feel naturally linked to the activity taking place. The link needs to be clever and not blunt. This can be achieved without losing out on fun and this really is where a professional team building company comes into its own. A well constructed event run by experienced facilitators will have a high chance of success.

Please take a look at our testimonials to see some of our successful events.

Personality Profiling

There are various personality profiling tools that can be successfully run alongside activities. These include Belbin and MBTI. These are well established and useful tools and people like to find out more about themselves and their colleagues. We run these with great care and attention - the point is not to put people into boxes (they only show preferences and not predictability) but the key is for people to understand that we are all different. Call us to discuss this if it is of interest, it is a fascinating area.


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