Teamwork is a word often given as an objective for an event for clients or the benefit of an event from an event company. What does this actually mean in practice and how can it benefit your team back at work?

An event that requires cooperation and collaboration will result in teamwork. It needs to be a challenge that one person cannot complete alone and it needs to offer different roles for the various characters in the team. This can mean something for thinkers and something for doers or something for extroverts and something for introverts. Personality profiling tools such as Belbin and MBTI can be useful when run alongside programmes with this objective.

They key with such events is to foster and understanding of and an appreciation of difference. Often people who are inclined to get 'stuck in' think that this is the best approach to any problem, because it is their preferred approach. Conversely those who prefer to think a problem through first may bemoan the doer's impetuousness.

When a well structured event can demonstrate the value of all types then it will increase the appreciation of differences, and of all of the different skills and approaches that make up a team. This is the route to effective teamwork in a team.

Team Building Facilitator

The activities are important, but equally important is having an experienced facilitator running the event who can keep the team on track and move the event in the right direction. When a client just wants fun then this is not so important, but when a client has made it clear that there are objectives then experience is required. Please call us for details of our experience in this area.

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