Team Building Event Ideas

A range of fun team building events in your offices or at a convenient location.

We provide a UK wide service at venues that are convenient for you. When you make your enquiry let us know if you need venue suggestions and this will be included in the information that we send you.

Locations and Events

Many of our events can be run in your office if you have enough space or somewhere very close by.

These are some of the more popular options. If you let us know your numbers, a date (or approximate date) and budget we can send over a selection of different options with suggested locations in your vicinity.


Immersive team building

Immersive Team Building

Send your team on an immersive team building adventure. Meet with shady individuals, crime lords, knights errant and damsels in distress as you participate in an adventure in town or city. Pick locks, find stolen jewels and collect secret documents as you progress through our engaging adventures.

Current Adventure:

Around The World in 80 Minutes. Philomena Fogg has plans to cross the world in a hot air balloon, in the tracks of her famous grandfather. A shadowy organisation called Black Gold has stolen the plans for her groundbreaking new balloon. Can you thwart their plans to thwart her in time for her launch, or will they thwart your team? Call us now and let the thwarting begin!

Mobile Escape Room

Mobile Escape Room

The Professor's Study is a mobile escape room that can be set up in a room at your offices or in a syndicate room at a hotel if you are having a conference. The team has a limited time to complete a sequence of puzzles which will give them the location of the Professor and allow them to escape the room. The puzzles have to be solved in a particular order. 

Organise Events  | Treasure Hunt Fun

Treasure Hunt

Treasure Hunts provide natural team building. Teams have a set amount of time to complete various tasks so teamwork is essential.

Treasure Hunts can be run in cities or in the country and usually last for two or three hours. They are ideal if you want to start an event from your offices.

Our Christmas Treasure Hunts feature a Santa on the route who can give out your Secret Santa presents.

Organise Events  | Murder Mystery Fun

Murder Mystery

A terrible crime, committed in front of your very eyes. One of four suspects is the killer and you must analyse clues and question them to unmask the villain.

This event can be run over dinner or we have daytime versions which run as team building events.We have a format that is a cross between this and a Treasure Hunt, so you have to go out and find the suspects before you question them.

Organise Events  | Team Building Fun

Top Team Building

We have combined a number of different events to give you a varied experience that has something to please everyone. We couldn't pack more fun into an event if we tried!

You get a Murder Mystery, a Treasure Hunt and Team Challenges in one event. If you can't decide what you like the look of most, or if your team is divided on what they want to do, then this is the solution.

It can be run in town or country. Call us for further details.

Organise Events  | Country sports

Country Sports

Country Sports include Laser Clay Shooting, Archery, Quad Bikes and Segways. We can even bring along Cannon Firing!

We bring along a variety of top quality equipment and smart, friendly instructors and you can have fun with the rest of your team.

We have suitable locations around the UK and can come to your event venue if the right space is available.

Organise Events  | Dress Up

Film Making

We provide all of the equipment that you need along with experts to make sure that you can use it and also structure a great film along with costumes and props.

Each team makes a film lasting for approximately 3 minutes and then we screen them all in a fun Oscars ceremony where we award statue trophies for the best films and actors.

Organise Events |Team challenges

Team Challenges

We have a variety of fun team challenges which can be run indoors or outdoors at venues around the UK.

Your group is divided into teams and takes on each challenge in a rotation. This can be just for fun or facilitated to get business benefits.

Scenarios include crossing crocodile* infested ravines, dealing with chemical spills and building cranes. 

*Crocodiles subject to availability.

Organise Events | Art of Team Building

The Art Of Teamwork

Painting is a creative and fun team building activity. Create works of art under expert instruction which reflect company goals or team standards.

You can paint individual pictures or one large mosaic which comes together to form one picture. Graffiti and other forms are also available.

Locations are available wherever you are. We can hold this event in your office, covering the floor area with plastic sheeting to protect your carpets from spills.

Organise Events | chefs

Kitchen Capers

Cooking started to trend as a team building event around ten years ago and is now one of the most popular choices in various forms; creating a three-course meal, Chinese cooking and Sushi Making being just a selection.

Commercial kitchens are available in most cities for large scale events or we can bring a mobile kitchen for smaller teams.

Organise Events  | Chocolate Making Fun

Chocolate Making

Teams work together to create a selection of delicious chocolates and truffles in a variety of flavours, shapes and textures.

Our experienced Chocolatier will teach you all the skills you need to produce an impressive box of chocolates.

People often go on to make their own chocolates at home after this experience. That's this year's Christmas presents sorted!

Organise Events  | Bespoke Events

Bespoke Projects

We can create a unique event for you either to meet specific objectives or themes.

This can be a fairly simple exercise or we can develop activities from scratch with full event production including branding, printing, backdrops and lighting.

We can provide writers, game developers and role play actors to give you a unique and enjoyable experience.

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