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We developed our Murder Mystery into an event that can take place around a town or city. We position the suspects in parks, pubs and at landmarks and teams have to find them and question them.

A detective will meet the team at the start location which is often a client's offices or we can use a bar or hotel. Teams are given a pack with clues, the location of the suspects and a camera so they can collect evidence. They then head out to solve the crime. It lasts for two or three hours, depending on how long you have. If you have less time we simply position the suspects closer to you.

At the end of the investigation we meet at a specified location, back at your offices or at a bar or hotel where you can book drinks or a meal. Here the teams give their verdicts and the case is closed, with the criminal arrested. Prizes are presented to the winning team and we send you your photos after the event, as there are always some fun ones that you will want to share around the office.

We currently have two versions, a traditional Agatha Christie style adventure and a James Bond spy themed experience. The latter is perfect if you want to add some costume; fake moustaches, sunglasses, disguises and so on make for fantastic photos. We recommend this as the perfect team building event.

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