The Art Of Teamwork

Team Building with painting

Painting can take various forms; mosaics (each team does one part), graffiti, large combines works or even painting by numbers speed trials. If you want a lasting effect we even have an experienced graffiti artist who will come to your offices and convert a wall into something that makes your working space feel very personal.

Team building with painting can be effective when teams who work in different locations are coming together for a conference. The mosaic format has teams working on pieces of a larger picture which combine into one 'big picture'. This is a metaphor for the teams' work and after the event, each team can take a part back to their office. The knowledge that all the parts fit together to make one whole is a useful reminder.

We provide an experienced artist who will help you to get the best out of your experience. We cover any floor space in plastic and provide all equipment including canvasses, paints and brushes.

Results vary, it has to be said, but in most cases teams surprise themselves and create something that they want to keep.

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