Team Challenges

A mixture of fun team building challenges

We can bring a range of activities to a venue of your choice which will provide fun team building for a half or full day. We offer free venue finding, so if you don't have a venue in mind we can help. We can also provide indoor versions if you want the event at your office and have the space.

Variety is important, so we have a mixture of activities which will keep the tempo up and energy levels high. This event can simply be for fun or we can facilitate it to give you business linked benefits. We do this without compromising on the enjoyment factor.

Your group will be divided into teams and each team takes on a challenge in turn. This can be a lighthearted competition or just for fun. We have activities which bring teams together and these can be run at the end of the event so that you have a whole team experience.

Challenges include:

  • Build a bridge and cross a crocodile infested ravine
  • Cross a minefield through one safe path without making a sound
  • Remove chemicals from a spill zone using ropes and pulleys
  • Recreate a major film scene by scene using a digital camera


Team challenges can be themed or we can give you a wide variety. This event can also be facilitated so you can address specific business goals in a fun and effective way.

Give us a call to discuss your requirements.

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