Chocolate Making Team Building Events in Birmingham, London, Leeds, UK

Chocolate making team building

Chocolate Making is the perfect experience to take up a couple of hours and deliver a delicious team building result. Chocolates can be bagged up and taken home for loved ones … if you can bear to share them.

We have a mobile chocolate factory production line which we bring to a location of your choice. You start by choosing your flavours; are you a low risk rum truffle sort or is chilli and Tequila more your sort of thing? You will be making milk, dark and white chocolates with various fillings and coatings. You will also learn the art of chocolate tempering, so some of your chocolates will have a tempting shiny coating.

Your group is divided into teams and each team makes a selection of tasty delights which are bagged up in presentation bags. However, a selection is held back so that it can be judged by our team of experts.

You’ll be surprised at how easy Chocolate Making is to learn as a skill. You can take what you have learned home and delight friends and family.

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