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Murder Mystery team building

Usually Murder Mysteries happen over a meal, but we have a wide range of formats which mean that they can be held at any time of day and even as part of a conference.

Our team of professional actors act in front of you and can be questioned as teams delve further into the mystery. A paper trail of clues add twists and turns. At the end of the event, teams must establish Method, Motive, and Murderer. This is not so easy as it sounds because all of the characters had a powerful reason why they wanted the victim out of the picture.

Murder Mysteries are fun but they also have team building benefits; a mystery which teams must work together to solve.

Most Murder Mysteries are simply for fun, however, this format is also very flexible so we can achieve specific objectives within a script. Your manager can be the victim (be careful how you suggest this) or we can build in company messages. We can even murder abstract concepts such as Motivation with the suspects being, for example, Rules and Communication. The possibilities are endless.

We have a very successful event format which combines a Murder Mystery with a Treasure Hunt and this can be run in cities. The event starts with a murder and teams head out to bars, parks and other interesting locations where they will meet suspects and collect clues. Teams then head for a final location where they will attempt to solve the crime.

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