Treasure Hunt Team Building Events in Birmingham, London, Leeds, UK

Treasure Hunts are naturally team building

Our Treasure Hunts can be run in towns and cities around the world by teams on foot or using transport. We can also arrange this event in rural locations, provided we have transport.

Modes of transport include trains, taxis, limos and coaches. We can also provide an Italian Job themed event which teams take part in using their own Minis (for the day, sadly you have to give them back).

Part of the Treasure Hunt is a photo challenge in which teams picture themselves doing various things. This gives you lots of superb photos for newsletters, social media or just putting around the office. These give lasting memories which, in turn, make the team building effect of the event last longer.

Treasure Hunts Designed To Suit You

The format is very flexible. We can start at your offices and finish at a good local bar or we can launch from hotels or landmarks, for example a train station. Everything is arranged to suit you. Typically this event lasts for two or three hours.

Treasure Hunts are one of the most effective and natural team building activities. Teams have a specific challenge to complete in a limited time, so teamwork is essential for success.

Locations And Themes

Popular locations include London, Birmingham and Edinburgh in the UK. We also head out to Paris regularly and we have a spy adventure in Istanbul a couple of times a year. Themes include nationalities, eras, architecture and in London we have a Jack The Ripper experience which is fascinating. Pretty much any theme can be represented, so give us a call if you have an idea.

Business Objectives

If you have business objectives these can be included into Treasure Hunts. We do this with a light touch so as not to take away the fun. It can be as simple as recreating your company logo in the photos or including your company values in photos and items to be collected. This is very effective and people will remember information included in this way because it brings it to life. You could be one of the few companies out there with employees who actually know their company values!

Treasure Hunt Contact Form

The more information you can give us about your event the better.

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