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Generally it is better if you find your own venue for your event. You know your taste, you know your budget and this is not really a model suited to the middle man. When the hotel contacts us asking whether you would prefer the chicken liver parfait starter or the unfailingly omnipresent and unimaginative mozzarella, bazil and tomato alternative there is little point in us standing in the middle saying ‘we will ask our client and come back to you’. Life is too short.

There are some occasions when we may get involved but there are conditions. These are imagination and budget. If your imagination and budget dictate a blocky, Soviet-era inspired building close to a motorway junction and run by a team of what appear at first glance to be children, then we will not offer ‘free’ venue finding. 

If, however, your budget is sensible and your imagination can stretch to a memorable venue with history, or a story, a good chef and staff old enough to know what they are doing, then we will be able to help. We will offer you the experience of running events for 35 years. We will not charge for this. However, we will still not be a middle man as, well, life is too short. We will introduce you and you can take it from there, choosing you own starters and so on.

We will then focus on delivering a truly sensational event. That’s our bit.

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The more information you can give us about your event the better.

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