Role Play Team Building Events in Birmingham, London, Leeds, UK

Our role play and business games are fun and have powerful learning and development outcomes.

We have a range of fun role play games which deliver on business objectives in a fun and engaging way. These include negotiation, customer service and problem solving.

Marble Millionaires

Marble Millionaires is a fast paced trading game in which teams have an opening stock of marbles with a value. Over the course of the game, news comes out which changes the value of marbles and teams must react to this, buying and selling with the aim of maximising the value of their stock. The game can be played just for fun or with a facilitated session afterwards to get maximum business value out of it. It can be a 30-minute energiser or a full half day event. This is just one example of our role play games.

Bespoke Games

We can create games to suit your theme or objectives. Previous examples have included a Product Launch, to communicate features in a very memorable way, underscoring company values and even communicating key financial data in a quiz format - yes, we made finance fun!

"Your professionalism and support running up to and during the event ensured a truly successful outcome, with some of our sales team commenting it was the best activity they had ever done. A number of them also commented that whilst they felt they were learning about our business focus it was done in such a way that the whole afternoon was interactive and a great deal of fun."
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