CSI Themed Event

Our CSI themed team building event

Your team is called to investigate a murder. A body has been discovered and the room cordoned off. There are various clues around the room, which has been secured. Your group, divided into teams, must first examine the crime scene without moving any of the clues and take photographs of anything that you think may be relevant.

A team of experts are assisting you and they bring each team clues from the room including murder weapons, a sample of a substance found close to the body and a section of the rug onto which the body fell.

  • The investigation will include:
  • Fingerprinting
  • Powder analysis
  • Fibre identification
  • Blood spatter work
  • Fluorescence - using black light
  • Chromatography - separating colour

Your team of Forensic Scientists must then submit a report which will help investigating officers to solve the crime.

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