Mission Improbable - Spy Themed Team Building Events in Birmingham, London, Leeds, UK

Spy Themed Team Building

Think 24. Think Tom Cruise in Mission Impossible. We will create your own Spy mission which must be completed within a limited amount of time.

This event is held is held in towns or cities or we can run a short event around the grounds of a hotel. The scene is set and challenges include locating objects, solving complex themed puzzles and taking part in light physical challenges. There are various options and we will choose the most appropriate ones for your group.

Teams will meet with our agents at specific locations to pick up extra challenges for bonus points, provided that they can help the agent with their own mission first. Each team also has a set of their own secrets and they must meet with other teams to exchange these with the aim of collecting a full set. Will the other teams play along or will try to sabotage their competitors' efforts? The best negotiators will succeed, and in the process everyone will learn that good negotiation is not an aggressive skill but a tactful one.

Teams come together for the final stage of the event, bringing the various items and information that they have collected which combine to thwart a major incident. The reward for saving the free world is a cup of tea and a nice Victoria sponge.

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