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The Professor's Study is a mobile escape room that can be set up in a room in your offices or at a hotel in a syndicate room or a bedroom. The challenge lasts for an hour.

The Story

The Professor has gone into hiding at a location somewhere in the world. He has left his trusted servant, The Gatekeeper, in his study to protect his work. Your team must solve a sequential set of puzzles to find the Professor's location and a final key which will unlock the room so your team can escape. This is a cerebral challenge which requires teamwork and communication. It suits those who want to get actively involved and also those who prefer to watch more quietly and share their insights with the team.

This is a new activity and feedback so far is that it is fun and clever. The Professor's Study can run alongside our 'A Detective Calls' activity to create a longer event where the two activities are different enough to be engaging.

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