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Cooking started to trend as a team building event around ten years ago and is now a popular choice in various forms; creating a three-course meal, Chinese cooking and Sushi Making being just a selection. Feeding your tribe and breaking bread together is one of man's oldest bonding rituals, so it makes a lot of sense.

Many venues have kitchens that we can use and this makes for a better event. If you have not yet chosen a venue then we can tell you where the nearest venue is to you, or your target location. Alternatively, we can bring a mobile kitchen to any venue. Some styles, for example Sushi, require less equipment and are easier to lay on.

Cooking together and then enjoying the added benefit of being able to share the spoils makes a very effective and enjoyable team building experience. You may be concerned about what will be produced, but worry not - our team of expert chefs will make sure all is well. Some of your team may even surprise you and some of them may surprise themselves.

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