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An interesting alternative to a Christmas party

All of our events can be themed to Christmas. Our festive Murder Mystery, Who Killed Father Christmas, features the employees of a toy company at Christmas and a bitter struggle over the lucrative role of Father Christmas at the store. Could the murder weapon really be a poisoned beard?

Our Treasure Hunt can be themed to any subject but Christmas is a real treat. We send teams to the most festive locations in a town or city where they collect themed items and take photos which are sent to you afterwards and are always popular. We can add Father Christmas himself on your route and he can give out your Secret Santa gifts if you do that in your office. You'll also meet Binks, the naughty elf, if you can find her.

If you go away to a hotel then County Sports can feel very festive. This is not because of any theme decoration but because spending the afternoon our in the crisp winter and then heading in to a warm hotel with an open fire and decorations is about as festive as it gets.

This year we are finding that venues are more expensive than they have ever been. Many are asking for minimum spends for hiring private rooms of thousands of pounds. We have solutions where you can have a memorable event, with food and drinks during or after at a fraction of the cost.

Give us a call about Christmas. Yule be glad that you did. Our events are much, much better than our jokes - we promise!

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