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Film Making Team Building Event

Film Making is a fun team building event which is ideal if you have a conference theme or business objectives to focus on. We provide iPads loaded with iMovie software, costumes and props. Our experts will help you with the technical challenge and we also take you through the process of film making to ensure that you make excellent films.

We also have a version of the event with larger cameras and we can provide experienced film professionals and actors if you really want to take the event to the next level. Our full day version goes through the whole process of film making and teams will need to pitch their idea and raise funds before they start filming. It is a flexible event format with lots of potential.

Some people will prefer to be in front of the camera and others behind it, and there is plenty for everyone to do. As well as actors you will need a camera operator, a director and other roles. For this reason it is an excellent team building activity, because there is something for everyone.

We can end the event with an Oscars style ceremony where films are screened and statue trophies awarded for the best film and best actors. If you want to do this later, at dinner, it can be great fun.

Film Making Event Overview

The group is divided into teams and tasked with creating a one and a half minute film or commercial. This can be freestyle or they can be given a theme or a number of themes. These themes can be business linked, for example key words or a mission.

Our Event Manager will give an initial brief and introduce our team of experts who will be on hand to help teams to get the most from their experience. Costumes and props will also be available.

Teams can make their films out on the streets or the grounds of your conference location or we have Green Screen technology, so teams can create a film with a backdrop which might be a desert island, a cityscape or even space.

“Thank you for a wonderful and fun event on Wednesday, we got tremendously good feedback from all the participants.”

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