Virtual Murder Mystery

Our Virtual Murder Mystery Journey

We started providing live murder mystery events about 20 years ago. Over the years we have run thousands of events for corporate and private clients. We had regular events at hotels where couples or groups could buy places, and these were always good fun. We even had our regulars, and we built up a stock of more than 30 scripts. It was a fun way to make a living.

Our actors often used this as a way of funding their passion, in a career that really can be feast or famine.

Then came the events of 2020. The events business generally was wiped out, along with theatre. Prospects were pretty grim.

So we started to wonder about virtual events. Could we possibly achieve the level of engagement that these events need, and could we connect with an audience using a platform such as Zoom?

We did a few virtual events over the summer, and they were very well received. Then In October, prompted by Halloween, things really started to take off. Then Christmas came, and we ran over 200 events with five teams working up until a couple of days before Christmas. It was quite hard, with lots of midnight oil burned catching up with the admin, but it was wonderful. For many of the team (and Emma and I) it saved Christmas, and we are grateful for each and every participant who supported us, and had so much fun along the way.

Now the ball is, we are both surprised and delighted to say, still rolling. Recommendations and repeat clients mean that this is here to stay.

We adapted. Our brilliant actors threw themselves into their roles, bringing them alive via the internet. The goodwill we have received from participants has been just fantastic. We are so grateful.

Thank you for reading. Many have told us that while they have been enjoying the show they have forgotten about lockdown. One of our reviews even said that it was like going to the theatre in the old days, which was so good to hear.

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