Are Team Building Events Effective?

Posted on 15th Aug 2023

Teambuilding events have long been a staple in the corporate world. Whether it is an outdoor adventure activity, an office-based problem-solving challenge, or an evening social event, the purpose is clear: to foster better relationships among team members and improve the overall dynamics of the group. However, the effectiveness of these activities is often questioned. Here we delve into what research and experience have to say.

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The Power of Team Building: Unlocking Business Success

Posted on 14th Aug 2023

Empowering Collaboration, Enhancing Communication, and Boosting Productivity: Discover the Transformative Impact of Team Building Activities on Your Business Success

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Spy Themed Treasure Hunt

Posted on 4th Mar 2019

Teams travel around meeting shady characters and completing challenges. 

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Posted on 4th Mar 2019

Our murder mysteries are only about one fifth scripted, the rest is improvisation. Contact Us

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Non physical team building

Posted on 10th Aug 2018

For some groups a relaxed, non physical team building event is the best choice.

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Choosing an event company

Posted on 11th Oct 2017

Things to consider when choosing an event company.

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Hotel choice - Building work

Posted on 6th Sep 2017

When a hotel chooses to have work done it can have disasterous effects on your conference.

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Christmas 2017

Posted on 21st Aug 2017

The Christmas rush starts as soon as the holidays end!

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Team Challenges

Posted on 4th Jul 2017

This article covers one format of team building event, Team Challenges.

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Wait until after the election

Posted on 30th May 2017

Why is our diary becoming very busy after the election?

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