Sales people and Promises

Posted on 2nd Jan 2015

Making sure that the person who sold you the event is present on the day is a top tip

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Getting The Best Price

Posted on 15th Dec 2014

How to get the best price on your team building event

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Uninspiring Catering

Posted on 9th Dec 2014

You don't have to settle for goat's cheese and sun dried tomatoes

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Teamwork Is Like Friendship

Posted on 2nd Dec 2014

Fun shared experiences build friendships in and out of work. 

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Event Engagement

Posted on 28th Nov 2014

How can you maximise your chances of engaging participants in the event that you choose?

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Brand Storytelling

Posted on 25th Nov 2014

Telling the story of your brand builds team spirit and engagement.

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Hotel Central Reservations

Posted on 19th Nov 2014

My heart sinks when the only way to speak with a hotel is via central reservations.

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Posted on 18th Nov 2014

The desire to help someone else simply because you can is one of the key qualities of excellent teamwork

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Have a Technology Break

Posted on 17th Nov 2014

It's official, technology can make you more stupid. But don't panic; we can help you to have a break.

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Which Sports Car Are You?

Posted on 10th Nov 2014

There are personality profiling tools and there are fun quizzes and both have a place

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