Safe Team Building

Posted on 29th Jul 2014

Our approach to team building is one of total safety.

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Marble Millionaires

Posted on 28th Jul 2014

Marble Millionaires is a colourful, fast paced trading simulation game.

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Christchurch Treasure Hunt

Posted on 24th Jul 2014

This week we ran a Treasure Hunt for a local company and chose Christchurch as the best location. 

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A Group Of Individuals

Posted on 22nd Jul 2014

How can you reassure people who are concerned about a team building event?

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The Importance Of Stories

Posted on 14th Jul 2014

Stories are extremely important in team building and they can make an event very personal for participants. 

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Don't They Want The Business?

Posted on 14th Jul 2014

Business is so good in London at the moment that it's not easy to book events into venues. 

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The Type A Personality

Posted on 10th Jul 2014

The type A personaility is driven, direct and can be prone to upset other people without necessarily meaning to. Here are some tips for Type A's and for dealing with them.

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Team Building For 300 People

Posted on 9th Jul 2014

How did we rise to the challenge of organising a team building event for 300 people with just one and a half hours to do it in?

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