The Importance Of Stories

Posted on 14th Jul 2014

Stories are extremely important in team building. The best events give teams an opportunity to complete a goal their own way, rather than through a prescribed set of actions. Events such as treasure hunts and film making are good examples of this.

Teams are given a mission and a limited time in which to complete it. How they go about it is then up to them and this gives them a chance to get into situations which make good stories after the event. When the event is over everyone gathers for refreshments and the event wrap up, which usually includes giving out prizes. There will always be a buzz in the room as people recount their stories.

Treasure hunts, for example, may include such challenges as 'Get a photograph of a team member under arrest' or 'Pitcure your team putting on a window display'. This involves interaction with people outside the event and this is where the stories are made. Something funny will happen every time, and these are the stories that are told immediately after the event, and for some time afterwards, by the teams.

These are great building blocks for relationships. Photographs, which are also extremely important, combine with the stories to make lasting memories.

In this photograph the team were recreating a scene from a famous film. 

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