Recycling Policy For Event Consumables

1. Introduction:

As part of Organise Events Ltd’s commitment to sustainability and our responsibility towards the environment, this recycling policy has been developed to ensure that we reduce waste, encourage recycling, and minimise our carbon footprint during the organisation and hosting of corporate events.

2. Objectives:

Minimise waste production by advocating for reduction, reuse, and recycling. 
Ensure proper disposal of waste in an environmentally friendly manner.
Foster partnerships with eco-friendly vendors and suppliers.
Continually educate our staff and clients about the importance of sustainable practices.

3. Recycling Guidelines:

3.1 Paper and Cardboard: All paper and cardboard materials, including event brochures, banners, and packaging, shall be recycled. Where possible, digital alternatives will be promoted to minimise paper usage.
3.2 Glass, Plastic, and Cans: Collection points for glass, plastic bottles, and cans will be provided at all event venues. These will be appropriately sorted and sent to the relevant recycling facilities.
3.3 Food Waste: Leftover food shall be collected and, where feasible, donated to local charities or composted.
3.4 Electronic Waste: Any electronic items or components that are no longer functional will be sent to certified e-waste recycling facilities.
3.5 Event Materials: Materials such as badges, lanyards, and decorations shall be designed for reuse or made from recyclable components.

4. Partnering with Suppliers:

We shall endeavour to work with suppliers and contractors who share our commitment to sustainability. Preference will be given to those vendors who have established recycling policies and eco-friendly practices in place.

5. Communication and Training:

5.1 Staff: All staff members will be trained on this recycling policy and will be regularly updated on best practices to ensure compliance.
5.2 Clients: Clients will be informed of our commitment to recycling and will be encouraged to support and participate in our green initiatives.

6. Monitoring and Review:

6.1 Monitoring: The effectiveness of our recycling efforts will be monitored regularly. This will be done by measuring the amount of waste produced, recycled, and sent to landfill after each event.
6.2 Review: This policy will be reviewed annually to ensure its effectiveness and to integrate new best practices or technologies that further our recycling goals.

7. Conclusion:

Organise Events Ltd is committed to playing an active role in promoting sustainability and reducing environmental impact. We believe that through diligent recycling and waste reduction efforts, we can make a significant positive impact on the environment while setting a standard for the corporate events industry.

This policy comes into effect immediately and will be revisited annually for updates and improvements.

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