Marble Millionaires

Posted on 28th Jul 2014

Marble Millionaires is a trading game in which each team is given a stock of different coloured marbles and a guide to help them identify them. Each team has a different selection of marbles, which is balanced at the start of the game so everyone starts with equal wealth.

Some marbles are rarer than others, so the first challenge is to work out what stock you have and what other teams might have to define the trading market.

We have a simple version which can be played in an hour and then we have an extended version which includes external events, for example auctions, the activities of a wealthy collector and revolutions in the countries where the marbles come from. All of these things affect marble prices.

We can run Marble Millionaires as a fun session, in which case it is colourful and fast paced. People love marbles and they become playful around them.

When we play the extended version it's still fun but it becomes very competitive. It's a trading game and allows teams to really strategise. We have experienced facilitators who can make sure that you get the most our of Marble Millionaires while still having a lot of fun. You'll talk about this day for years!

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