Business Lessons From Films

Posted on 13th Oct 2014

Many films contain useful business lessons, even if in some cases it's the mistakes

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Chocolate Making

Posted on 8th Oct 2014

The scientific reasons for booking Chocolate Making as a team building event.

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Do Team Building Experts Have Better Marriages?

Posted on 6th Oct 2014

Do they take the skills that they use at work home?

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Clown Workshops

Posted on 3rd Oct 2014

James of Organise Events does his best to explain why Clown Workshops might be a good idea ...

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Teamwork and Apollo 13

Posted on 1st Oct 2014

Our space crash team building activity can help your team to learn about teamwork in extreme conditions

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Surviving Presentation Disasters

Posted on 22nd Sep 2014

What can you do when it all goes wrong?

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What Is Emotional Intelligence?

Posted on 19th Sep 2014

The personality profiling tools used in team building are based on the idea of Emotional Intelligence. 

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Business Role Play

Posted on 15th Sep 2014

The words 'role play' send shivers down the spine of most people, but it can be a powerful way of exploring issues and finding solutions. How can it be made less unappealing?

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Social Team Bonding

Posted on 11th Sep 2014

Social events are not just a frivolity, they improve teamwork and help business

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Jack The Ripper

Posted on 9th Sep 2014

Our Jack The Ripper Treasure Hunt in 'occasionally seedy' Whitechapel

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