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Posted on 15th Sep 2014

Most people hate the idea of role play acting. It's often thought of as embarrassing, cringe worthy and just plain unappealing. However, it can be very effective in exploring complex issues from a different angle and finding solutions.

For example, if you have an issue around customer service it can be interesting to consider what character you would use to portray good customer service in your organisation. Would it be a bright, engaging receptionist or perhaps a mad Willy Wonka style character coming up with the best and most exciting new products?

Instead of taking a traditional approach to role play you might consider staging some sort of production. You will need to come up with a script, you will need actors and a director and people to support the delivery from behind the scenes. This is very helpful, because it means that people who don't want to be up in front of everyone still have important roles to play in the team effort.

This is where we can help you. Our Murder Mystery team can assist with script writing, acting masterclasses and directing. Your role play doesn't have to be a Murder Mystery though, it can be any sort of production. The end result can be filmed, if required. 

This approach creates an enjoyable event with roles for different people that suit their preferences. The end result can be very illuminating, shining light on issues and solutions that would not have been found any other way.

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