Social Team Bonding

Posted on 11th Sep 2014

Social team bonding is fun but it isn't just frivolous. Social events give people who work together a change to do something together that is not work. The activities chosen need to be fun and enjoyable for all, rather than an activity chosen by one influential team member. The best ones are like a stage on which events are acted out. This means that they are not too scripted and there is plenty of space in which people can create their own experiences and memories.

These experiences become stories that are told after the event and over time. It's a good idea to have drinks and some food after an event and, as outsiders delivering the event, we often notice the atmosphere at this stage of the day. Stories are being told about what happened, who did what and funny moments. This is powerful because it's about the relationships between people in the group but it's not about work.

Wherever possible we will issue digital cameras to teams so they can take photos during the event. We send all the images on a disk. These photos are reminders and often teams will create a board showing them in the office. These images are powerful reminders of good times.

The combination of enjoyable shared experiences and those experiences being unconnected to day to day work is powerful and the essence of why social team bonding activities are important. We unjderstand this and will make sure that the best conditions are in place for your team to take maximum benefit from their day. 

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