Jack The Ripper

Posted on 9th Sep 2014

One of our themed Treasure Hunts follows in the footsteps of Jack The Ripper in Whitechapel. We run it with costumed characters around the route and you can see a team with Charlie, the cheeky sweep, in Artillery Passage. This is a very narrow street that has changed little since 1888, when Jack roamed the streets of London Town.

A successful industry has built up around this story, with various events and walks. One of the effects of this is that many locations have been kept original. The Ten Bells pub is a good example and this is one of the locations that we use for a character. 

This is a very different experience to our other London treasure hunts, which generally take in major tourist attractions. Whitechapel is a very different proposition and, while it's interesting to see the locations and hear the well known and rather grisly story, it's not an experience that we would describe as glamorous. Our client last Friday summed it up perfectly in his feedback; 'Thank you for organising Friday. We all had a good time strolling around the occasionally seedy streets of Whitechapel.'

Incidentally, you may have read that the Ripper has been identified by DNA taken from a shawl. Some of the actors that we use as characters also work on Ripper walks and one in particular has studied the facts in detail. She doesn't accept that the mystery has been solved and notes that the person making this claim is about to launch a book.

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