Do Team Building Experts Have Better Marriages?

Posted on 6th Oct 2014

You might think that there's every chance that team building instructors use the skills that they develop at work to ensure that they have a strong marriage. For example, team building instructors know that successful teams need to give themselves time to build their relationships. If you don't then you risk realising that there's a problem too late and problems in relationships, whether at work or at home, fester and make good things turn bad.

One of the key lessons of team building is to understand that no-one is perfect and everyone is different. We all have strengths and weaknesses, just as we can be relied on sometimes and at other times we may need support.

Marriage vows include; 'for better for worse, for richer for poorer, in sickness and in health'. It is in those times where there are problems that both marriages and teams have an opportunity to bond and make their relationships stronger. Fortunately, in many cases, work teams are not bonded together until death ... just the death of the project.

Many of the skills that teams need in order to thrive are so-called soft skills, and this can be demonstrated and taught by a good team building facilitator. As such they should also possess the skills to make their own relationships stronger.

So, do team building facilitators have better marriages? It would be very interesting to see the results of a survey.

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