50 Shades of Overkill

Posted on 5th Mar 2015

Why did the 50 Shades meme cross over into business presentations?

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Hotels Charging For Wifi

Posted on 2nd Mar 2015

Hotels that charge for Wifi tend to suffer in their reviews

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Team Building Around A Fire

Posted on 24th Feb 2015

When you stare into a fire the quality of conversation somehow seems to improve

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What We Do

Posted on 17th Feb 2015

In a creative industry there's always push and pull

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Business Lessons from Jack and Jill

Posted on 9th Feb 2015

A bit of fun with the traditional children's nursery rhyme.

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Cheap Team Building Venues

Posted on 5th Feb 2015

When is it a good idea to choose an alternative venue to a hotel?

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DIY Team Building

Posted on 29th Jan 2015

You can organise your own team building if you like ...

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The You In Team

Posted on 21st Jan 2015

Team building doctrine can be a bit shallow. What's the problem?

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The Right Conditions For Team Building

Posted on 16th Jan 2015

You'll enjoy an event as much as you want to, but who is responsible for that?

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Predictions for 2015

Posted on 7th Jan 2015

What's likely to be happening in 2015 in the event world?

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