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Posted on 29th Jan 2015

There are many reasons why bringing an experienced event company in to oversee team building events is a good idea. You are probably not surprised to hear us claim that, we have a vested interest. However, let's just look at a few of those reasons to see if we can actually make a reasonable case.

1. We have undertaken the proper risk assessments and have insurance.

This one is fairly obvious. If there is any danger then you just have to bring in experienced suppliers. However, most team building carries no inherent danger. In fact, we suggest that no team building should be dangerous because it just isn't neccessary.

2. We know what to do.

Years of experience have taught us what to do, and just as importantly what not to do. We have improved and honed our offering based on past success and failure. On the day this means a flawless experience for the participants. Do you really want your team to experience something that is being done for the first time? What is the danger of the event going wrong or not being well received?

3. Bringing in an event company makes it professional.

The atmosphere is different when a professional turns up. The team building is more intense because it's the team against someone else's challenge. We can also bring experience of working with other teams to give you feedback on how your team is performing.

4. It means you can relax and enjoy the day.

If someone from inside the team, or more likely several people, have to organise the event then they don't get to join in and play. Our proposition is that you delegate the whole thing to us, we turn up on the day and take charge and everyone, including the person who booked us, can relax and take part.

5. Why not just download something from the internet?

There are all sorts of resources available on the internet. Some are good, some are not. Many are designed for children but you don't know that until you've tried the activity. However, the real problem is that if you can download an activity from the internet participants can download the solution from the internet too. Go for original, rather than generic.

Everything that you do, as a company, is noticed by your employees. When you bring in a professional event company and they deliver a seamless, enjoyable event everyone feels good and appreciates the investment of time and money that has been made in them.

And, finally, it really is not so expensive. Call us to find out more.

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