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Posted on 5th Feb 2015

There is a growing trend for choosing venues like pubs for team building events. Why would you do this instead of booking a hotel?

Well, the obvious answer is that you can save a lot of money and not have to compromise too much on quality. There are pubs in every town where the quality of food rivals even a good hotel. In fact, in many cases they give the best hotels a run for their money. Another issue is availability. The market is strong at the moment and it's not always easy to get the date and time that you want. Convenience may also be a factor; why travel to a hotel when there's a perfectly good pub with a really good function room not far frm the office. Half an hour spent travelling is half an hour when you could be having fun instead.

So those are just some of the practical reasons why you might want to choose a pub over a hotel. However, there is another reason. Pubs are cool. Engagement is one of the buzzwords doing the rounds at the moment and pubs are, by their nature, engaging social spaces (two of the most important qualities of successful events). For example, we recommend the George IV pub in Chiswick for events such as Murder Mysteries,Treasure Hunt finish locations and film making. They have a superb room at the back of the pub which is used for such events as comedy nights. It outclasses the majority of hotel conference rooms which are often, it must be said, rather functional.

So, give pubs a thought. We have plenty of contacts with great venues with interesting rooms and staff who really care and want your business. Prices are typically half hotel prices or less. Contact us for further information.

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