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Posted on 25th Nov 2014

Storytelling is a buzzword in marketing at the moment, but it's also relevant in creating team spirit and increasing engagement. A company's stoiry can take many forms; it can be about how it was formed or about the journey that it has taken as it has become established. Companies with powerful stories include Innocent Drinks, Nike and Virgin.

However, it's not just large companies that can benefit from having a story. Small companies often have just as compelling stories and these can be communicated externally and internally to strengthen a brand. Sometimes these stories need to be brought out and given form. Events are an effective medium because they give everyone in the team the chance to contribute to give a truly authentic account of the story.

We can provide storytelling masterclasses which help companies to formalise and record their stories. This can involve the existing story and, just as importantly, it can involve the story of the future - where the company wants to be in a year or even five years' time.

The five year plan is a tool that many businesses use. Next year we will be five years away from 2020, and many companies will be working on their '20/20 Vision'. 

We can use various techniques to help teams to achieve clarity. Our Film Making event is ideal for this. Another way is to create a newspaper containing news, either for today's story or the way you would like the newspaper to read in the future.

This falls into our bespoke projects category. We will help you to create the right sort of event for your people, so that it's something that they enjoy and gives you all the maximum business benefits.

Call us to discuss your story and how we can bring bring it to life with you.

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