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Posted on 10th Aug 2018

There are many different team building events to choose from and one of the challenges for the internal event organiser is to choose an event which appeals to the majority of the group. Despite the saying that 'you can't please all of the people all of the time' it is actually possible to do this if you choose well and work with an event organiser who has experience when it comes to recommending events.

Many team building events are physical in nature. Outdoor activities and It's a Knockout Tournaments are examples. The more physical they are the more they will split the group into those who enjoy physical competition and those less inclined to.

There is also the issue of seniority Very physical events can come with a need to put personal dignity on a back burner for the good of the team. That can be inappropriate for senior executives. I'm not suggesting that they are less 'game' but that they might have to make a presentation or discuss challenging issues after the event and if the audience has an image of that person dressed as a chicken atop an inflatable slide in their head then it may not be as easy to take them seriously. This is extreme, but you get my drift.

Relaxed Team Building

What we know as team building events are more accurately social team bonding events. These experiences should allow participants time to chat together in an enjoyable environment that is away from the office. There are therefore benefits to having a relaxed activity that can be held in the comfortable surroundings of a hotel.

Recommendations for this sort of event include Murder Mysteries, CSI experiences and film making. These pressure free team building events are ideal for those who want to get really involved and also those who prefer to watch rather than participate. Crucially they are not judgmental environments for the quieter individual. Extroverts are not favoured over introverts, as they are so often in Western society.

If you are reading this article then it is likely that you have already considered this issue. It is an important point when you are considering what is right for the individuals in your group. Please do give us a call to discuss your specific requirements further.


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