Hotel choice - Building work

Posted on 6th Sep 2017

It's a fact of life that hotels are often having work done, and that they will often stay open while this is happening. Let's give hoteliers the benefit of the doubt and say that they may sometimes underestimate the intrusiveness of any work that they are having done.

Building work typically has to happen during the daylight, so it's possible that somewhere near your conference room there will be a bunch of well-meaning but noisy workmen building away, and that may be a problem.

This does happen, I have experienced it a few times in my 28 years of running events (that's starting to sound like a lifetime!) There are no two ways about it, if this happens it can ruin an event.

One of the questions that you need to ask when you plan the event is whether there are any planned building works at the time of your conference. I do not think that it would be too much to ask for a written assurance if you see anything that concerns you when you do your hotel inspection.

So, a short blog this time, and something to add to your checklist. Alternatively ask us to find a venue for you. Our service is free and we have a checklist covering this and other potential problems.

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