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Posted on 4th Jul 2017

In this format each activity is designed to last for 30 minutes. You group will be divided into teams to take on each activity in turn in a round robin format. Each activity comes with an instructor who can debrief and provide facilitation after the activity if required. This extends the length of each activity to 15 minutes.

Scores are taken and a light-hearted competition is run with medals for the winning team at the end of the event.

Space Requirements:

Space requirements are flexible and it’s more about comfort than specific measurements. Comfort would suggest that a space of 5 metres by 5 metres per activity would be about right. The activities do not all need to be set up in the same space so they can be positioned around a building, garden or in one total space.

Choose From:

Mental Challenges:

NASA Moon Survival: The team is stranded on the dark side of the moon when their spaceship crashes. They must form a plan to ensure that they liaise with a rescue ship before time runs out. A selection of items has survived the crash and they must decide which are important and which are useless.

Marble Millionaires: Teams join the marble exchange with the goal of trading marbles with the instructor in order to build the most valuable collection of marbles. The problem is that some marbles are more valuable than others and news articles released over the course of the game contain events that change those values. This is a trading game which involves a surprising amount of strategy.

Murder Mystery: This is a scaled down version of our Murder Mystery event. Teams meet a detective and are presented with the details of a crime. They are presented with clues including bank statements, love letters and diaries and four suspects. They must analyse the clues, ask the detective for further information and attempt to solve the crime.

We have a variety of other Mental Challenges and you can ask us to choose a selection that will suit your event. This is useful if you are attending the event as well as organising it, so you can enjoy the surprise on the day with your colleagues.

Physical Challenges:

Please don’t be put off by the word ‘physical’. We are used to dealing with diverse groups with different abilities. However, these challenges are about doing as well as thinking.

Chemical Spill: A chemical spill has occurred and the team must extract six containers of deadly chemicals from the spill area. Such is the danger that they cannot go into the space but use a selection of ropes and bungee cords to extract the containers from the spill zone.

Spider’s Web: The team is faced with a large Spider’s Web inhabited by a fearsome sleeping arachnid. They must get through the web without waking this host. The most flexible team member goes first so he or she can be on the other side to help colleagues through and to safety.

Minefield Crossing: The team must cross a grid of 100 squares. There is one path which they discover by trial and error and then have to share with the rest of the team. There is, however, a major problem to overcome. The mines are triggered by noise, so the whole activity must be conducted in silence.

Shepherd: Your team is blindfolded with one member who can see. This team member must direct the rest of the team around the area to pick up specific items in the correct order. This cannot be by spoken instruction but using various noise making devices. The first stage of the challenge is for the team to devise a communication strategy.

Again, we have a variety of these challenges and you can ask for a selection without knowing what you will get. We will choose the most suitable variety. We can also design bespoke activities to suit your conference objectives.

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