Spy Themed Treasure Hunt

Posted on 4th Mar 2019

Agent WD40 will meet your team for a mission briefing. The city is under siege in a dastardly plot to overthrow the government. Other agents have gone to ground and must be found, top secret documents must be recovered and an important Codex device rescued and brought back. However, time is not on your side … you only have 2.4 hours.

Our Spy themed Treasure Hunt takes you through the streets of your chosen location completing challenges, and taking photos of your team members some of whom will be in disguise. Our agents will be positioned around the hunt territory, waiting to engage with your teams. This is a hilarious event that will give you some wonderful photos to enjoy afterwards.

Will you succeed? Can you save the country? What biscuits would you like with your tea after the event?

As always start and finish times and locations are flexible. We often start at a client’s offices and finish at a conveniently located bar. Why not finish the event with a spy themed evening?

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