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Posted on 1st Jul 2015

What image comes to mind when you think of different locations? Blackpool, Bournemouth, Slough, Bristol ... every location creates a mental picture and you can use this to your benefit when organising a team building event.

Beach locations can feel like a break, and they are certainly an escape from the office. Bournemouth, Blackpool and Brighton are good examples around the country. Blackpool is a lot of fun, but it may appeal more to a younger audience and you need to take into account your group demographics. Bournemouth is a great location and, provided you give plenty of notice, you can get permission to have your own bit of the beach reserved for your activities. 

If you're going to a location with a feature like a beach you do need to make sure that you spend some time enjoying it. Being in a hotel looking out at a beach that you are not going to visit will feel like a missed opportunity. One of the most effective events for exploring a location is a Treasure Hunt.

Locations near motorways often do not have the best image. Delegates could be forgiven for not feeling too inspired by an invitation to Slough or Reading. However, they may not be doing justice to what are, in fact, interesting locations. A Treasure Hunt in these towns will unearth all sorts of interesting history. As conference destinations they do have a significant advantage of being close to motorways. In practice activities at these locations tend to be held inside the venue and our Murder Mysteries work well in this situation.

We offer a free venue finding service and we will take various matters into account when recommending locations. The profile of the group is important along with any time that you have for activities and what sort of events you think would appeal to your group. Call us for a chat about your specific event requirements.

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