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Posted on 1st Jul 2016

We have a range of games which are relevant for such objectives as collaboration, leadership, strategy and leadership. We can also create bespoke games to suit the objectives of your event.


Trading Games

We have a stock market simulation game where the shares traded can be our existing companies or your competitors. We have a game called Marble Millionaires in which teams trade marbles or different colours and sizes (and rarity) which is great fun. Marbles seem to increase playfulness.

NASA Moon Survival 

In this classic game your team is stranded on the dark side and must formulate a plan to meet up with a rescue ship using the limited equipment which survived the crash with you. This is played as individuals and then as a team, creating interesting discussion points around collaboration.

Business Linked Treasure Hunts & Murder Mysteries

On the one hand these activities are fun and work extremely well as social team bonding exercises. However, we can bring in business goals and objectives to make the activities relevant. Our experience with corporate clients over more than 20 years ensures that this is done with a light touch so that it all feels naturally.

Example: Working with a charity which supports the blind we added challenges to a city Treasure Hunt which showed the participants what it is like to be blind, and how difficult it can be to achieve basic daily goals. This gave the team what they referred to as ‘a wake up call’.

Case Study

We created a Murder Mystery to cover a product launch for a demanding sales team who had experienced many events and wanted something new. We built product information into the activities in a way that achieved goals without being forced or corny.

“Your professionalism and support running up to and during the event ensured a truly successful outcome, with some of our sales team commenting it was the best activity they had ever done. A number of them also commented that whilst they felt they were learning about our business focus it was done in such a way that the whole afternoon was interactive and a great deal of fun.” SCA Group

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