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Posted on 31st Jul 2015

We recently ran a Murder Mystery at the wonderful Troxy in East London. This venue is on Commercial Road near Limehouse and it's perhaps not the place where you would expect to find such a beautiful venue. It was one of London's first Grand Picture Houses and the interior is a stunning display of art deco style. Before it was an event space it was a Mecca Bingo Hall for a while, as credit has to go to them for preserving it.

We created a bespoke script set in the 1920s for our client, a casino, which included witness parts for some of them and references to their own business in the script. We have made Murder Mysteries for large groups a possibility with a concept that we call 'Virtual World'. In the traditional format actors go to tables but in VR we set up points around the venue and investigating teams visit them to find suspects and clues. We have a newspaper office where stories can be found, a solicitor's office where legal documents can be discovered and a restaurant where a gangster is hanging out.

On this event we had a cast of 10, including the victim, four suspects, a reporter and a solicitor's clerk. DI Willy Catchem was supported by officers Bookham and Takum who helped distribute the clues to 30 tables.

Call us for further information on our events for large groups.

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