An Owl's Work

Posted on 21st Aug 2015

We met this little owl at an event at The Heritage Centre in the Midlands, and it was fascinating to hear of her career delivering rings at weddings for couples inspired by Harry Potter.

The event industry is a colourful and interesting place, and we are always meeting interesting people and, in this case, a bird. The industry is also much affected by trends such as films. In October a new James Bond film is coming out, and this will be good news for event companies with Bond themed events. Many ideas have been inspired by Harry Potter, but this one is a bit different and quite cute.

It's not only the event industry, weddings have become a pretty competitive industry as brides try to outdo each other with original ideas. And so it came to pass that Stephen, who looks after this owl, trained her to fly from the back of a room with rings in its claws and deliver them to the bride and groom at the altar. It's not a cheap option, so Snowy (not his real name, unfortunately we forgot) really does earn her keep.

So here we are at Organise looking at our pets to see what trends we can bank. Ideas, please, for a rather old blind and deaf dog, two cats (training cats might be interesting) and two guinea pigs.

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