Please Don't Go On Holiday

Posted on 9th Nov 2015

It's not that I'm jealous. Well, maybe a little bit because I've only managed the one holiday this year and that was just a week. The point is that there are some things that I need from you before you go.

Now, remember before you left and set your autoresponder, without warning me that you would be away until the day before the event? What was the last thing that you said to me? Yes, that's right; 'Do not, under any circumstances, talk to anyone else here about this event because it's Top Secret'. I assured you that this is often the case and that you could count on me to be the very soul of discretion. And then, without warning, you left.

So here I am and I don't know how many teams I need to prepare for and an irate venue keeps calling me about vegetarians, and all I have from you is an autoresponder message apologising profusely and telling me that you're going to be in Tenerife until the day before the event. 

So please do go on holiday. Tenerife is lovely, generally sunny and with a nice Atlantic breeze, and Oliver's With A Twist in Los Cristianos is one of the best restaurants in the Canaries, but please don't go without giving me all the information that I need.

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