Posted on 3rd Nov 2015

Putting a person in charge of a challenge will often expose their leadership style. There is no one ideal form of leadership. The test is whether the person in this role leads their team to success. It is imperative that decisions are made throughout the task and control of the task is taken.

Some leaders are strident and forceful while others exude a quiet confidence. A loud voice is not always a sign of confidence. In fact, those who appear outwardly the most forceful and confident are often actually covering a lack of confidence.

Effectiveness is a better indicator of success. An effective leader gets the task done on time, understands the rules and achieves a successful outcome. Time bound tasks with limited resources and clear objectives are a very good way of studying leadership in action.

We recommend that organisations do not set up leadership as an objective of an event but rather observe it as it emerges during the day. Different tasks will bring out different people’s skills. Leadership of the team may pass from one person to another as the task develops.

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