Here comes the sun

Posted on 4th Apr 2017

The sun has been out more regularly recently, and that always causes an increase in interest in outdoor team building experiences. When you have been cooped up in your office over the long winter having a day out, or even just a few hours, can do wonders for team morale.

The sun boosts levels of serotonin, which is known as the happy hormone. This is enhanced by moderate exercise, such as walking, which releases endorphins. Recent studies have shown that taking moderate exercise in a green area such as a park increases this effect. So a Treasure Hunt around a local park is a really powerful positive experience and may be just the thing that your team needs.

As well as cheering you up the sun also helps the body to create vitamin D, which gives a wide range of positive health benefits.

One of the questions that we are regularly asked is 'what if it rains?' and we always reply that this is England and we cannot guarantee the weather. The main thing is that everyone is appropriately dressed and we have held many events in inclement weather where people have had plenty of fun. There is a triad of sensations; wet, cold and hungry. People will usually cope well with one of them and when they are feeling two they will be unhappy. If they feel all three they will give up and go home. So, a bit of rain is not a disaster. However, there is no doubt that we all enjoy the sunshine.

So, now that there is a greater chance of sunshine get your team into the outdoors and have a fun team building event.

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