Film making over dinner

Posted on 25th Jan 2017

Our event manager will brief the group during pre-dinner drinks. This takes approximately 10 minutes. Two staff from Organise Events will be present for the whole evening; an event manager and a technical expert.

Each team (table) is given an iPad loaded with iMovies software. The will also have a prop and costumes box. Their objective is to create a three minute film over the course of the evening.

The subject of the film can be completely open or if you have a business objective or a theme this can be built in.

Typically teams will plan their film over starters and then film between the starter and the main course and then again between the main course and pudding. We need the venue to give us half an hour between courses.

The films will then be shown while you have coffee. The event manager and technical expert will choose a winning team and they will be awarded an Oscar.


A three course meal usually takes two hours and this event will add an hour, so the whole dinner will be three hours long.


We will liaise with the hotel to provide a projector and screen for the film showings as many have excellent built in facilities. We have our own if none is available (we always bring this as back up).

What is required from you?

This is a completely self-contained event so all that is required is for you to relax and enjoy the fun.

We can help you by booking the venue, thus taking all of the time consuming organisation off your hands.

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