Discounted Team Building

Business is tough and asking for a discount is quite normal now. Sometimes it can be awkward, so we have come up with win win ways for you to get a discount and for us to gain something in return.


If you promise to write a review of your event then we will offer you a 10% discount. We are simply looking for an honest summary of your experience with us. The pressure to make it a good review is all on us!

'Talking Heads'

A talking head is 30 seconds or so of footage taken just after the event in which you summarise your experience. It is usually taken very quickly on an iphone and we need you to say who you are and what you thought of the event. Again, this is an honest appraisal and we may use it on our website to show would be clients what the event is like. We can discount your event by 10% if you agree.


We will film parts of your event and create a 90 second film. You will have a copy of this film too, so it will be a nice record of your experience. The cameraman will be very discreet and not constantly there, we only need 90 seconds. A 10% discount is available.

You can add all three of these opportunities together and save 30% on your total event price. If this is of interest mention it to us when you enquire.


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