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Posted on 31st Jul 2014

Our latest session of Marble Millionaires, our trading game, was a great success. Teams trade marbles which have different levels of rarity and value. Over the course of the session newspaper reports and news programmes change the rarity and value of the marbles and teams have to keep up with this and alter their trading strategies. The objective is to end up with the most valuable marbles.

Events which change the game include revolutions in far flung countries, the activities and whims of famous marble collectors and a promotion by a fast food chain which cause a demand spike for a particular variety.

The event is fun, colourful and very high tempo. When the trading bells rings the room literally comes alive, which makes it an ideal icebreaker.

However, there are also business benefits to be gained from it, particularly around strategy, teamwork (there are various different roles which need to be covered) and sales and buying techniques. So, this activity can be just for fun or you can have it facilitated.

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