Working In Team Building Events Increases Employability

Posted on 8th Apr 2015

There are hundreds of companies around the UK which organise events for large corporate clients where business linked outcomes are required; for example team building, leadership development and change management. Most of these companies will employ freelance instructors at peak times during their year. This work is ideal for university students looking to make some money, enjoy interesting and enjoyable work while, at the same time, adding useful experience to their CV.

One of the main challenges for employment candidates is how to stand out from the crowd. An interviewer may meet a number of people in the course of the interviewing process. Working on events which have direct business linked outcomes for large corporate clients that the interviewer will have heard of is one way of making a CV stand out.

As well as the benefit to the CV the experience can help during the interview process by giving the candidate something impressive and relevant to talk about. World travel is often recommended as one subject that can liven up a difficult interview. Being able to discuss interesting events and subjects such as teamwork and leadership is even better, particularly if everyone else is talking about Thailand.

The typical freelance instructor will be smart and able to communicate with people at any level. The job will require some presenting in front of groups. Some people may find this daunting, but it is unavoidable if you want to pursue a career in management. Experience in a job such as event managing can give vital experience and boost confidence. This all helps to turn someone into the ideal candidate for a good job.

The jobs people get when they are students are often roles such as bar work and telesales, but there are some interesting alternatives if you are thinking about the future. To get a good job you must be the 'stand out' candidate and that means being different and, more importantly, relevant.

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